When it comes to keeping your home comfortably cool during the warm Massachusetts summer months, your AC has a vital role to play. Your AC is designed to serve you reliably for many years; however, without proper maintenance and service, the system is bound to become unreliable and inefficient with time.

If your Ashland home AC is not cooling your home enough or is unable to maintain the desired humidity levels, then it might be time to call in qualified AC maintenance professionals.

Keep Your AC Unit Alive With Regular Maintenance

With regular AC maintenance, your AC system is guaranteed to serve you reliably for years to come. Is your AC struggling to keep your home cool? If so, here are some maintenance tips to get it back in perfect working condition.

Changing the Air Filter – One of the main causes of reduced AC system efficiency is a dirty air filter. In addition to restricting airflow, a dirty filter is also linked to the accumulation of dust on the evaporator coil; thus, impairing its heat absorption capabilities. The energy consumption of an AC can be decreased by between 5 and 15 percent, by simply changing (or cleaning – if applicable) the air filter.

Cleaning the Condenser Coil – Even with a clean/new air filter, dust particles still find their way to the condenser coil over time. To prevent any efficiency issues associated with this build-up of dust, it is important to clean the condenser coil every now and then.

Refrigerant Checks – For performance and safety purposes, your AC should have the optimum level of refrigerant. Through regular refrigerant checks, any undetected refrigerant leaks can be discovered and fixed as early as possible. Furthermore, any dip in refrigerant levels can be corrected (through top-ups) to bring performance levels back to normal.

Inspecting Electrical Components – Air conditioners are equipped with a variety of electrical components including motors, conductors, and thermostats among others. A malfunctioning component can throw the entire system off balance. A quick inspection of all electrical components can help keep things ticking along perfectly and prevent unexpected malfunctions and breakdowns further down the line.

While it is possible for you to change the air filter of your AC and even clean the condenser coil, it is recommended that you hire a professional to conduct detailed maintenance of the system every now and then; and, repair any issues where necessary.

Professional AC Services In Ashland – Maintenance That Keeps Your AC Alive

To ensure that your AC is able to cool your home to desired levels when temperatures skyrocket during summer, we offer professional AC maintenance and repair services in Ashland, MA. We can work with you to come up with an AC maintenance plan suited to your exact needs. To make things even better, we also take the work of scheduling maintenance work off your hands, helping you focus on other important aspects of your life. We can also handle the replacement of older units that can no longer work as needed.