When it is time to go out and invest in a brand-new AC setup, it’s important to look at all of your options. What works for one property isn’t always going to be the best in another. This is when you have to start comparing options such as central air conditioners with mini-split air conditioners. Here is a look at what to account for when deciding between these options.

How to Decide Which One is Right for You

1. Do You Have Existing Ductwork?

This is critical as a ductless solution is best for those who don’t have pre-installed ducts. This can add a significant amount to the cost and should be avoided if you want to save money.

On the other hand, if your ducts are already in place then a central AC isn’t going to be out of reach. It will be easy to set up compared to having to install new ducts.

2. Will You Mind Looking at Your Air Conditioner?

A mini-split air conditioner is going to be visible when you walk into the property. On the other hand, a central AC system is going to be hidden as it works through the ducts.

This is a key detail to think about when it comes to the aesthetics of your property.

3. What Size is Your Home?

Each home is going to be different when it comes to the layout and overall size.

With a central AC, you are going to have a balanced distribution of cool air. This is beneficial for those who want to stay cool in all parts of the house.

A mini-split or ductless AC will work well in specific parts of the house where it is located.

4. What is Your Cooling Budget Like? How Important is Energy Efficiency to You?

When you have a restricted cooling budget, it is better to go with a ductless option. It is going to provide cooling in some parts of the property and reduce the load put on your power source.

If you don’t care about being energy-efficient or cost-efficient then the central AC system is a good option. It provides complete value and cooling distribution at all times of the day.

Final Thoughts

These are the questions to ask yourself when it is time to invest in a new AC system.

You will want to choose what’s best for the property instead of settling for less. With the help of a trusted service provider such as S.A.A.B Plumbing and Heating, it’s possible to invest in something that is not only efficient but worthwhile.