It makes sense that you are looking to use the air conditioning system as efficiently as you can. Undoubtedly, no one wants to incur more than required to keep their households comfortable and cool.

However, a few myths are surrounding the maintenance and operation of HVAC systems that often work against you. Most homeowners tend to believe these myths since they have heard that they could save money. In reality, however, they are bringing harm to their air conditioners.

If you find any of these tips on the Internet, it would be prudent to consult a qualified air conditioning service near you, such as S.A.A.B. Plumbing and Heating, INC., to clarify before trying them – now let’s dive in with the debunking.


Debunking Myth #1. Bigger AC Is Better

A system that is relatively larger than the space it occupies will start going through a process known as short-cycling. It is characterized by when it turns on and off rapidly, and never completes a full cooling cycle. Generally, this is an issue for several reasons. For starters, you will never achieve the home comfort you are looking for with a short-cycling system. What’s more, this speeds up the wear and tear on your AC and can ultimately result in premature replacement requirements.


Debunking Myth #2. Ceiling Fans Lower Temperature

Although ceiling fans generally have their purpose, they should never be used to replace air conditioners – especially if you are not at home to use them. Most homeowners assume that they can simply leave their ceiling fans turned on the entire day rather than their air conditioners. However, this will effectively reduce the temperature in their households on mild summer days.

The fact remains that ceiling fans typically move air. And that’s it! Because this is their primary role, leaving them on for the entire day when the house is unoccupied is only consuming more energy rather than saving it. However, if you utilize your ceiling fans together with your AC when you’re at home, it will evenly distribute the air and ultimately help you feel cooler. Because of this, you can turn up the thermostat by a few degrees, and apply your AC more efficiently.


Debunking Myth #3. Closing Off Vents Saves Money

If you are at home and want to cool a particular room, it makes sense for you to consider closing off the vent to the other room that does not require it. This should not be an issue, right? In actuality, your AC is not designed for this. Therefore, you might be causing an air pressure imbalance that might damage your ductwork.

The solution for this is getting a zone control system. Although it may be retrofitted into an older system, it’s better to invest in this system with new air conditioner installation. Opting for ductless is another option, which divides the indoor air handles into zones.


Professional AC Services In Ashland

AC units are designed to last a long time, but that doesn’t mean they can’t experience their fair share of problems. Our professional AC services can help you maintain, repair, or even fully replace your existing unit so that you know you’re prepared once summer is here.

We’re here to help you through the hottest months with full-service AC repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Call our office today (508-960-7222) to schedule a consultation about your home’s AC system.