Are you ready for the heating season this year? Can you remember the last time your boiler has been cleaned? Remember it’s not just your house that you’re heating this year, it’s also your home office or homeschooling classroom that will be affected this winter.

Our heat technicians can service both gas and oil heating systems.

Whichever model of boiler you have, it is always best to have it serviced regularly to keep it running smoothly. Doing this ensures that you never have to deal with emergency breakdowns that force you to make emergency calls to the plumber to fix them. Annual servicing by a professional is important and essential as it ensures the boiler won’t break down at the worst of moments, especially during winter.

What is a boiler service?

This is a manual inspection done by a certified plumber or engineer whereby the parts of the boiler are checked for any potential issues that may be a threat to anyone in the home/property. It is advantageous to have annual servicing not only because it keeps the boiler from breaking down unexpectedly, but also because most warranties require this for the warranty to be considered valid.

What does boiler servicing include? The steps below discuss that.

1. A visual inspection – This involves checking the boiler for signs of corrosion, cleaning and adjusting any components if necessary, looking for signs of damage on the components, and identifying any distress signs. There is also a visual check of the flame in your boiler.

2. Checking operations and controls – An engineer checks the boiler functions to ensure everything is running smoothly.

3. Flue and combustion release checks – The flue is the pipe connecting from the boiler to the outside of your house. It is responsible for removing the condensation and waste gases(carbon monoxide) so that they do not get into the home. The engineer also checks the construction and termination of the flue.

4. Cleaning the boiler’s main components – These are the ignition pin, the flue ways, the heat exchanger, and the main burner. They are inspected and cleaned, then checked for any damage.

5. The engineer performs a series of tests while recording the results. They check whether the gas pressure is too high or too low. They also check the heat exchanger, spark probe, and main injector. The records are kept to aid in the identification of any problems should they arise in the future.

6. The engineer puts back any settings or controls that have been adjusted during the servicing to what they were. The settings can also be easily adjusted by the customer.

It is best to service a boiler just before winter. Call to book your appointment today 508-960-SAAB or use our easy contact form to get started!