A whole house water filter is a system that offers filtering solutions in homes. Such filtering systems are essential for purifying and treating water at entry points in homes. As such, they ensure the supply of clean and pure water to all parts of the home. There are variations to whole house water filter systems, and Massachusetts homeowners can choose one that fits their needs. Such types of whole house water filter systems include water softeners, carbon filters, and even UV water purifiers. Common brands of such filter systems include the Aquasana water filter.

Aquasana Water Filter

It is a conventional water filter system in the market. Homeowners especially make it their top choice for eliminating the chlorine smell and taste in their water. The Aquasana water filter works by removing harmful substances in the water at the entry point.

The first step to filtering is the removal of sediments in the water. In this process, the filter unit removes large impurities such as sand. The sediment filter works by removing contaminants that are five microns or large. Apart from being one of the water-purifying steps, sediment filtration also prevents clogging in the filtration and plumbing system if the house.

Aquasana water filter also consists of carbon and KDF filter units (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) that play a vital role in eliminating contaminants in the water. The KDF system helps eliminate heavy metals such as lead, mercury, iron, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide compounds from the water. These filters remove these metals and compounds by oxidation and reduction and guarantees 97% purity of the water.

Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System

Investing in a whole house water filter yields plenty of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of such water filter systems:

Clean and Great-tasting Water

Water that goes through this filter is at least 97% pure. What’s more, the water is great-tasting since the filters leave healthy minerals in the drinking water. Aquasana whole house water filter gives homeowners clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundry. Such water is also tremendous for pets and watering the garden too.

Reduced Contaminants

Aquasana whole house water filter gets rid of contaminants in the water. This improves the quality and flavor of the water hence producing quality drinks. When used for bathing, homeowners are guaranteed healthier skin as the water is contaminant-free.

Improved Air Quality

With reduced contaminant levels in the water, the indoor air quality improves significantly since the water is used for most of the activities in a home.

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