Winter is here once again! And as you know, Massachusetts winters can be especially brutal. During this time, an HVAC heating system can be invaluable in providing a warm, comfortable living environment during the cold winter months with hot coco and warm water in abundance. You don’t want the first storm hitting and your stuck waiting for your home to warm up only to find out there may be a more significant issue than the accumulating snow falling outside. An easy way to avoid this is to schedule 1-2 yearly maintenance checks, which we at SAAB Plumbing and Heating Inc. offer on top of our plumbing, air conditioning, drain cleaning, and repair services.

Some of the more common calls we get in regards to heaters is that they are either:
1.) not starting
2.) won’t stop running

We are prepared for any scenario and even go as far as offering a one year warranty on all S.A.A.B. provided products.

Staying on top of regularly scheduled maintenance can end up saving you a lot of wasted time, heartache, and money when you have to pay out some serious cash to get the emergency problem resolved as quickly as possible.

If your Heater won’t start, it may be due to:

  • The thermostat may have an issue: Sometimes, the heater won’t start because the thermostat may be set wrong. Ensure the thermostat is turned on and switched over to heat. Increase the temperature to see if it helps.
  • A lack of electrical power: The problem may arise from a blown fuse or tripped breaker in the electrical panel causing the heater not to start. Check at the mains power supply to ensure the breaker is switched on. Turn it off, then on again to see if starts.

For gas-powered systems, it may be that your pilot light is out.

If your heater won’t stop:

  • The thermostat may have an issue: When you turn off the thermostat, and the fan continues to run, there may be a malfunction with the thermostat fan relay switch. We have professionals who will replace and/or fix whatever the problem may be. We also check for damaged thermostat wiring.
  • Temperature is set too high, or that the air filter is too dirty and clogged: When the temperature is set too high, the heater will keep running to keep up with the cold night. If the air filter is too dirty, air is prevented from passing through, and into your house. The unit keeps running because it isn’t capable of heating the home to the thermostat temperature setting.

You most definitely don’t want winter descending on you in Massachusetts with a failing or damaged unit. Temperatures can get extremely low, which is why you should ensure the HVAC heating system is functioning properly. Call us today at 774-292-1236 for a quick HVAC Heating repair service.