A Safe Alternative To Dangerous Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

There’s nothing wrong with taking a DIY approach to a variety of home projects. After all, it’s important to know how your home functions and how to repair some common problems. However, there are certain crucial elements of every home that should only be handled by trained professionals. The internal plumbing system is one of these crucial elements.

Many homeowners believe that purchasing liquid drain cleaner from the supermarket is an adequate solution for unclogging drains. There’s no denying that pouring this liquid down a pipe clogged with hair or grease will make a noticeable difference. But does that make it the best solution for clogged drains? Absolutely not.

Several serious problems can be caused by using store-bought drain cleaners. Most professional plumbers would advise that you never use these products no matter how highly they come recommended at your local store.

Let’s Consider Their Three Most Significant Disadvantages:

1. Toxicity: Store-bought drain cleaners use an incredibly dangerous and toxic combination of chemicals to eat through the blockage. Most cleaners rely on hydrochloric acid and lye. These chemicals are so hazardous when used together that they can burn the skin and leave permanent scarring. There are more than 3,000 reported injuries every year caused by drain cleaners. The fumes produced when pouring the liquid can linger for hours and damage the skin or eyes without ever coming into contact with the actual liquid.

2. Long-Term Damage: Liquid drain cleaners are a “quick solution” when it comes to dealing with blocked pipes. In reality, you are damaging the pipes and shortening their lifespan. That same dangerous combination of chemicals that burns the skin also corrodes the inside of the pipe. You may save money at the time by not paying a professional to clean the pipes but you will eventually have to pay much more to have the damaged pipes replaced. It’s a much safer and cheaper solution to simply work with a professional from the beginning.

3. The Problem Persists: Drain cleaners only work with the portion of the clog they come into contact with. As the clog begins to break away, the cleaner moves further down the drain and leaves behind a significant portion of the blockage. This means that the pipe will likely be clogged again in a few days or weeks at most. You then find yourself buying more drain cleaners, thus putting your health at risk again and further damaging your pipes.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services Offer A Reliable Solution

If you’re interested in protecting yourself and your pipes, then don’t rely on dangerous chemicals that anyone can purchase at the store. Instead, pick up your phone and call S.A.A.B Plumbing and Heating. Their expert contractors use organic, non-toxic cleaning solutions combined with hands-on tools to completely clear the blockage. The issue that many people experience when their drain is clogged is the fact that it can happen at the most inconvenient time of the day (or night). You may have noticed that it was draining slower than usual but suddenly, the entire system is clogged up and it becomes unusable. That is why we are here for you with 24/7 emergency service and even go as far as to offer a 1-year parts and labor warranty on all S.A.A.B. provided products!