There’s no question that working with boilers in Ashland can undoubtedly be exciting. Sometimes we get called in to deal with a brand new system; other times, our specialists are staring at an old boiler that came when the original building was built over a century ago. No question our customers do a good job keeping us on our feet!

Whether you’re a long-time resident of Ashland, MA, or have just moved into the area and need a reliable and trustworthy boiler repair specialist, you can count on the professionals at S.A.A.B. Plumbing & Heating to take care of all your boiler needs. While some boiler repair companies only focus on one company brand or one style of boiler, we take pride in being able to handle any job, any problem, any boiler.

Tackling All Styles of Residential Boilers

Generally, residential boilers are going to use either heating oil or natural gas for fuel to get the water heating process moving. We are fully capable of inspecting, performing maintenance, removing, installing, or repairing a wide number of boiler styles, including hot water, oil, gas, gas to oil, steam, and even combi boilers. Whichever style your home is using, we have experienced and skilled professionals who know how to figure out the fastest, best, and most effective solution to any heating issues you may have or even the best solution for a new install.
Age Is No Problem
There’s something really satisfying about pulling off the maintenance and repair of a truly old system that others won’t touch. We can often help to make them give even better results while keeping the original system in place. Sometimes it makes more sense to go with a new install versus continuing maintenance, but we will always give you the full range of options.

Maintenance Matters

When it comes to boiler and furnace repair, there’s a reason we have earned such a strong reputation with Ashland residents. We are honest, up-front, and we’re not looking for easy expensive replacements – we want to keep our customers getting the most out of what they have for as long as possible. That means energy-efficient boilers, inspections, and maintenance to make sure small issues don’t become huge, and keeping the air as clean as possible.

plumber inspecting a residential water heater

Staying up on maintenance might seem like a pain in the short-term, but in the long-term, that can lead to massive savings while also providing optimal performance.

That means warm and happy customers – and that’s what S.A.A.B. Plumbing & Heating is all about!